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What We Do

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We Build To Last

At Ornella Homes Inc., we work closely with architects, suppliers, and skilled tradespeople to create a custom home of unsurpassed quality. We exceed our client’s expectations.

Whatever the scope of the project, no matter how large or small, Ornella aims to deliver only the highest quality, time after time. Ornella Homes Inc. exists to develop, design, and build quality homes that create enduring value for both their owners and the communities that surround them. Each home we create is custom tailored to meet the needs and desires of the homeowner.

We work closely with all our clients. We keep them well informed and engaged throughout the entire design and build process. This ensures no detail is overlooked, and their vision is translated to a refined and elegant masterpiece.

Our homes only get better and more beautiful with age. We do this through timeless design and a professionally managed construction process. This ensures not only a high resale value, but an elegant home that will delight all who enter or pass for generations to come. Because this desire for excellence encompasses everything we do, we have created three tenets by which we judge our work: Exceptional Design, Superior Suppliers, and Professional Trades.

Exceptional Design

A well-designed custom home is both functional and fashionable. It meets the needs of all who call it home through the efficient use of resources and space.

Cost savings can be gained by standardizing sizes and measurements and increasing the functionality of commonly overlooked or under-utilized areas such as basements, garages, and attics. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows provide an airy sense of space without the added cost of square footage. Porches and patios bring the outdoors in and expand living spaces within the property.

An architect can make all the difference between a standard box-style house and a uniquely designed oasis. He or she will ask questions to understand lifestyle needs and desires—how the home will be used every day. And while there is a cost, an architect’s plan will guarantee a high value for your dollar.

At Ornella Homes Inc., we work with a select number of architects of exceptional talent. We share in the belief that design is the heart of a build, and our architects provide the roadmap to a flawlessly built home.

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Superior Suppliers

At Ornella Homes Inc., we work with suppliers who have earned a reputation for high-quality products and reliable service. We source supplies directly from quarries, sawmills, and manufacturers around the world. This allows us to control the quality of the products we use. It also saves money by bypassing the middleman and ensuring no waste. Orders are only placed on supplies needed.

Our team at Ornella Homes Inc. does the homework so homeowners don’t have to. They apply their experience and knowledge to gathering the best suppliers for a build. This is just one of the reasons why Ornella homes are built on time and on budget.

Professional Trades

Our craftsmen have built some of the most beautiful structures in the world. At Ornella Homes Inc., we use master craftsmen who are as passionate about home building as we are. Furthermore, we’ve developed strong relationships with many of our professional tradespeople to ensure they take pride in everything they do.

At Ornella Homes inc., we believe we are only as good as the team of professionals we gather to create an exceptional home. Together, we build more than walls and a roof. We build a lifetime of celebrations, of milestones, of hopes and dreams.

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